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Welcome to FCI Corporation, the Language Translation Company. Based in the United States, we provide translation services for government, corporate and individual clients in the US and internationally.

Our work is driven by your specific translation needs and preferences. We strongly believe that our role in your business is to provide a reliable support network behind the lines, as you battle on the front lines for success.

In your dealings with us, you will have a single, personal point of contact--your Account Manager. We consider ourselves your virtual Translation Department, not just an external translation resource.

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Expert Translation
Choose this if you are looking for high-quality translations that require technical expertise in specific fields such as law, medicine, aeronautics, etc.

Priority Translation
Select this if making a translation deadline is your top priority right now.

Economy Translation
Click on this if your primary concern today is the most translation for the least money.

Our Expertise

Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to) translation into English of technical manuals, medical and legal documents, marketing brochures, audio transcriptions, web pages, reports, advertisements, patents, slide presentations, correspondence, archives, etc.

Quality Control

High-quality translations are vital to business success. The art of translation is a subtle one. You need to be sure that your technical and administrative documents are converted accurately and completely into the target language. FCI Corporation puts each translation through multiple quality checks to ensure the highest quality in finished administrative and technical documents.

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